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Stéphane Vial is a design researcher and philosopher, an author of books on design and digital, and an associate professor in digital design at the University of Nîmes.

Vial is a design researcher and philosopher who conducts research in theory and philosophy of design, design and digital humanities, digital social design. PhD in Philosophy (Paris Descartes University), eligible to supervise graduate theses (H.D.R. University of Nîmes), he is currently an associate professor of digital design at the University of Nîmes, where he co-founded and directed the PROJEKT Design Lab, a research center for design and social innovation. Vial is also the Editor-in-Chief of Sciences du Design, a French language international design journal published at the Presses Universitaires de France. He is the author of several books, including Le design [Design], L’être et l’écran [Being and Screen], or Court traité du design [Short Treatise on Design]. He co-edited two volumes, Advancements in the Philosophy of Design (with Pieter Vermaas, from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) and Design et innovation dans la chaîne du livre : écrire, éditer, lire à l’ère numérique (with Marie-Julie Catoir-Brisson, from the University of Nîmes, France). Previously, he was a philosophy applied to design teacher in Paris at the École Boulle (a top product design school in France) and a UX designer and creative director at Lektum, his own web and graphic design studio in Paris.

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